What kind of questions will I be asked?
What data will I need to supply?



Before you create an account using our online grant system and begin any of our applications, you may wish to briefly review the materials we require. This will help you prepare, making the process quicker and easier for you.

Sample Questions:






Sample Questions for a Letter of Inquiry (LOI)


  • Name, address, officers, board of directors, etc.
  • Financial data (IRS-Form 990, latest audited financials, operating budget)


This is a 3-sentence overview of your project (1,000 characters or less)
a. In the first sentence, state the target population and the need or problem you plan to address or solve.
b. In the second sentence, describe the work your organization will do to address the need or solve the problem.
c. In the third sentence, describe the accomplishments your organization expects to achieve.

This is a 3-paragraph summary of your project (4,000 characters or less)
This section should give a succinct overview of your organization and the work you do.
Your completed summary should be one page or shorter.

Here is a recommended outline:
Paragraph 1: Please provide a brief history (mission, programs, etc.) of your organization.
Paragraphs 2 & 3: Please provide a concise overview of what the funding will be used to accomplish.
This section should include a "Need Statement" that is based on available data. If possible, please provide empirical or policy evidence to support your intervention/approach.

Consider the following questions as you produce your summary:

  • How does your project relate to Quantum Foundation’s focus areas?
  • What will the impact of your project be?
  • If you are asking for renewal funding, what were the results of your last grant?
  • How do those results support your request for continued funding?
  • What will Quantum Foundation's funding be used for? Are there other funders? If so, who? If not, why not? 

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Sample Questions for a Full Proposal Grant

Organizational Information:

  • Name, address, officers, board of directors, etc.
  • Financial data (IRS-Form 990, latest audited financials, operating budget)

Proposed Project Information:

  • Selected questions from our Program Team based on the LOI you submitted
  • Budget and budget narrative
  • Evaluation model
  • Sustainability statement- Most importantly, how will the project be sustained after Quantum Foundation's funding ends?  

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Sample Questions for a Full Proposal Grant (Streamlined)

All of the requirements for the Full Proposal (above), minus the sustainability statement
PLEASE NOTE: Our Program Team will tell you if you can submit a streamlined proposal.

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Sample Questions for a Quantum in the Community Grant

Organizational Information:

  • Name, address, officers, board of directors, etc.
  • Mission statement

Proposed Project Information:

  • How your work matches our vision & mission
  • Your intended use of the funds
  • Services you plan to offer

You will also be asked to supply:

  • Proof of your 501(C)3 status
  • Annual cash expenses for the current fiscal year (to qualify, these may not be greater than $500,000)
  • Amount of your request (to qualify, your request may not be greater than $25,000)

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