A Strategy to Recruit and Retain Physicians in Palm Beach County

There is a national shortage of primary care physicians. Some are calling it a looming crisis. The United States is struggling with a shortage of physicians in underserved areas, particularly in the field of primary care. Mirroring the national issue, Palm Beach County currently shows a deficit of adult primary care physicians and estimates show a need for an additional 190 physicians over the next 5 years. 

In direct response to this need, Quantum Foundation has embarked on a strategic campaign to recruit and retain physicians in the county.

One initiative we’ve established as part of this strategy is our Responsive Health Center Fund. The income gap between specialists and primary care physicians often influences students to pursue a specialty over a primary care path. This is especially evident in the public health sector, where FQHCs and free clinics find it difficult to compete with salaries physicians are able to secure in the private sector.

With that in mind, Quantum Foundation is pleased to announce an innovative $100,000 fund exclusively for FQHCs, FQHC “lookalikes” and free clinics in Palm Beach County. The goal is to augment the salary offered to attract and retain a new primary care physician to work in the public health sector.


•    Only FQHCs, FQHC “lookalikes” and free clinics in Palm Beach County qualify to apply.
•    No single health center may receive more than $25,000 annually.
•    The fund will be available for a minimum of two years.
•    The purpose is to augment offers to new physicians, not to raise the salaries of existing staff.


•    Additional physicians will be hired by the “safety net” of health centers in the county
•    These health centers will be able to serve more patients
•    Revenue for the health centers will increase as a result of a larger client base
•    The community will experience quality care from skilled physicians

If you are a representative of a qualifying health center and you need more detailed information, please contact Randy Scheid, Vice President of Programs, at 561-832-7497 or randy@quantumfnd.org