What can you expect as an applicant and a grantee?



We hope our grantees will view us as partners in their projects.
We will always try to offer support and assistance, whenever possible.

Our Program Team is available to all applicants and grantees to explain, assist and guide you through the process of applying for a grant and turning your project into a reality.

Would you like to be a Quantum Foundation grantee?

See if your proposed project matches our vision & mission as well as our current strategy before you apply.


Account Access
To apply for a grant, submit required reports, or upload data, you must set up an account in our online grant system.

Grant Deadlines
View our schedule of application deadlines.

Application Process
Learn more about the steps we take with every grant.

Grantmaking FAQs
Answers to the questions we hear most often about the grantmaking process.

Grantee Experience
If your application is successful, you may want to learn more about the roles and responsibilities of grantees.

Our Community Room
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