What can I expect as an approved grantee?



We want you to succeed in the great work you do, and we will partner with you, when possible, to help you achieve your goals.

At Quantum Foundation, we've tried to design our grantmaking process to make your experience as easy as possible.

We want you to focus on making your project a success.


Here are some aspects of a typical grantee's experience:


The First Few Weeks

You may have been waiting for several months to hear if your grant is successful.
Now, it's all happening! 
Perhaps you aren't sure about what to expect or what's expected of you...
The following information should help you on your journey: 

You'll receive a phone call from a member of our Program Team to let you know your grant has been approved.
This call is made directly after the Quantum Foundation board meeting where the decision about your proposal is made.

During the two weeks that follow the decision:
  • You will receive your contract via email for your electronic signature.
    • You must read and understand your contract fully. It is a legally binding document and obligations must be fulfilled.
    • Once you have digitally signed the contract, it is automatically returned to us in order to process your check.
  • You will be invited to attend an informal meet-and-greet coffee morning at Quantum Foundation.
    • You can chat with Quantum Foundation staff, including members of the Program Team you may not have met.
    • You'll have the chance to network with your fellow grantees who are also doing great work in the county.
    • You can ask us any questions you may have about your contract, your reports, or our work.

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Your Contract

The contract you sign with Quantum Foundation outlines the details and requirements of your grant.

It is a legally binding document.
Please read it thoroughly and familiarize yourself with its content. You can contact our Program Team with any questions.

If your grant has special conditions, such as a naming opportunity or other form of recognition for Quantum Foundation, those conditions should be implemented whole-heartedly and on time.

Our experience has proved that it works best when you, as a grantee, assign an "accountable person" in your organization the responsibility of ensuring all grant requirements are met.

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External Communications

We know our grantees are eager to let the world know about their new grant.

We encourage you to get the word out with a news release and other external communications. Consider making use of social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), to promote your project. They're easy to use and free!

The grant contract you signed outlines the correct procedure for developing external communication material that mentions Quantum Foundation.

News Releases, Web Posts, etc.
Your contract states that we should be given the opportunity to review all news releases.

We can also offer a quote from a senior Quantum Foundation staff member about your grant, if you would like to use one.
Please send all proposed communication material to Kerry Jamieson, our Senior Director of Communications, for review.
Kindly allow three full business days for a response.

Logo Usage
Please check that any material you produce includes our new logo (developed in 2012).
If you need our approved logos, they are available in the Media Kit on our website.

We greatly appreciate your recognition of the funding you receive from Quantum Foundation. Like our grantees, we're also working hard to build our reputation and let the community know about the work we do.
Please consider including the appropriate credit for Quantum Foundation in your communications.

In general, those grants responsible for funding the greatest portion of a project should receive 'top billing' in external communications (like news releases, posters, flyers, brochures, etc.)

In fact, it's best to mention all funders, if possible, whenever you communicate. This is a standard business courtesy and appropriately demonstrates your respect for the grant and your professionalism as an organization.

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Ongoing Connections

If at any point you have problems with your project, please contact our Program Team.

This is especially important if you are going to miss a deadline for some reason or if circumstances affecting your project have changed unexpectedly.

We'll always try to help you, if we can. We all have the same goal: To improve the health of the people of Palm Beach County.
Together, we can learn how to achieve the best results from your important work.

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Your Account Access

We manage all aspects of our grantmaking process using our online grant system.

To submit your initial application to us, you may have used your organization's account or created a new account.
That account houses information for your whole organization, not just one project.
Your access information (username and password) is your responsibility.
Please save this information somewhere safe where you can always find it. Remember to implement a 'chain of custody' for your username and password so they aren't lost when staff members change roles or leave your organization.

Unfortunately, our Program Team can NOT easily access this information for you.

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Grantee Reports

Grantee reports are a routine part of our grantmaking process.

You will be told about the different grantee reports you'll need to submit during the course of your grant.
Our online grant system will notify you when your reports are due.

These reports are not to PROVE that you're working but to help IMPROVE the project. We approach these reports not as TRANSACTIONS but as INTERACTIONS, which help us learn about successful grantmaking.

You can fill out the required grantee report forms by accessing your account in our online grant system.
Please complete your grantee report forms by the deadline.

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Site Visits

Grantees may be asked to host a site visit at some point during their grant.

These visits are an opportunity for our Program Team (and possibly a member of our Board of Trustees) to see first-hand the great work you're doing.
Site vists aren't nerve-wracking 'assessments' or 'inspections'. They shouldn't be viewed with anxiety.
We genuinely enjoy learning more about your work and our community. What we learn from you will help us assist other grantees in the future.

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Project Sustainability

There is one thing all grants have in common: They eventually have to end.

Your grant is for a project with a set end date, though we obviously hope successful projects will continue to thrive.
We will clearly communicate the duration of our funding from the outset of your grant. It will be stated in your contract, too.

The time to start thinking about sustainability is before the grant is even approved!

  • How will you continue to fund the project, if it's proving successful?
  • How can you apply for money from other funders or government sources?
  • How can you network with partners to make your project better and more efficient?

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Help Us Improve

Please help us do better by offering your constructive input at any stage during your grant.

Periodically, we will ask you to complete surveys to let us know how we're doing and where we can do better.
We ask you to complete these surveys as often and as thoroughly as you can.
We always welcome your feedback and want to know if you're experiencing any challenges with our grantmaking process.

We wish you every success with your grant and thank you for the work you do.

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