What is capacity building?



At Quantum Foundation, our work goes far beyond funding health projects. We’re also interested in the “organizational health” of the nonprofits which work in the fields we fund. Strong nonprofits mean better services and more options for the ultimate beneficiaries of our work – the people of Palm Beach County.

To achieve this, we’ve made capacity building an integral part of our strategy.


What exactly is capacity building?

To us, it means building up the internal capacity—which includes things like skills, knowledge and human and financial resources--of a nonprofit so they can do their work as effectively as possible, making a real impact on people’s health every day.

We help our nonprofit partners in several ways:

One-on-One Consultations:
All our grantees receive personalized coaching with an expert who helps them focus on outcomes, so they’re always striving for greater success. Our coaches help grantees with planning, evaluations, reports and other important skills.

Business Training:
In partnership with organizations like No Margin No Mission, we help selected nonprofits think in a more entrepreneurial way, creating working business plans that help them earn revenue to ensure their long-term sustainability.

Educational Convenings:
We bring together diverse groups (including local and national organizations, experts, community leaders and members of the general public) to share their successes and their challenges. Often, having the right people at the table results in greater system connectivity and a better experience for all stakeholders.

We also work with smaller, grassroots organizations via:

  • Consulting services that meet their specific needs and help them grow
  • We sometimes offer free training workshops on topics tailor-made to respond to requests we hear expressed in the nonprofit community