What is capacity building?



At Quantum Foundation, our work goes far beyond funding health projects. We’re also interested in the “organizational health” of the nonprofits which work in the fields we fund. Strong nonprofits mean better services and more options for the ultimate beneficiaries of our work – the people of Palm Beach County.

To achieve this, we’ve made capacity building an integral part of our strategy.

What exactly is capacity building?

To us, it means building up the internal capacity—which includes things like skills, knowledge and human and financial resources--of a nonprofit so they can do their work as effectively as possible, making a real impact on people’s health every day.

The following 2019 workshops are open to our grantees:



Workshop Title                                    


 13 February  9am - 12pm Successful Strategies In Developing Organizational Skills Shandra Stringer, Grassroots Consulting
 6 March  9am - 12pm Fundraising Basics Jim Gavrilos, Education Foundation
 15 March  9am - 12pm Doing Good with Good Data: What Nonprofits Need to Know Health Council of Southeast Florida
 3 April  9am - 12pm Branding Your Nonprofit Jim Gavrilos, Education Foundation
 17 April  9am - 12pm Measuring What Matters: How to Prove your Nonprofits Imapact National Leadership Institute
 8 May  9am - 12pm Intentional Intent of Purposeful Collaborations Shandra Stringer, Grassroots Consulting
4 June  9am -12pm Health Literacy for Human Service Professionals Health Council of Southeast Florida

Please contact Marie Thorpe at mariet@quantumfnd.org or call 561.832.7497